Home, Horse & Hounds

I decided on a name change for this little blog of mine. As well as my home, I have another three great loves in my life; my horse, Spirit and my two dogs, Luna & Raffi.

Combined, my home, horse and hounds are the reason I get up every day and the reason I spend hours with my face in my iPad on the internet researching, reading blogs and articles on how to make the most of my three favourite things. If you already follow me on Instagram @the_little_redbrick you will have already seen pics of Spirit and the hounds, however I try to keep them to a minimum as I am aware my Insta is a home account and not a horse and dog spam page, unfortunately.

When I am not super busy at work (most days, ahem) I notice I spend most of my time logged into the Horse & Hound forum reading posts of how to get the most of your horse, exercises for the young horse, how to improve confidence when riding your horse, how does my balance affect my horse… the list is endless and forever making me question my ability of whether;

A. am I competent enough to turn my 4 year old croup high, gangly, clumsy horse into my dream horse

B. do I actually even know anything about horses

There is so much more to horse ownership than physically owning a horse, I battle every day with my confidence and competency of being a horsewoman as I know a lot of others do. This is why I would love to share my hopefully rewarding journey with you guys and if I manage to inspire just one person to get out of their comfort zone with their horse then my ambition has been fulfilled.

As well as training Spirit, I am also blessed with ownership of a tearaway terrier. Luna is a typical farm dog terrier; reactive, snappy and intelligent. I am that dog owner you see (or probably don’t see) walking their dog as early as possible and in the most remote places where I am unlikely to bump into anyone else. It’s not that I enjoy being a recluse – honest!  Although I have come to enjoy my own company. I have done a number of 1-1 classes with Luna, who believe it or not is terrified in these situations and will just hide underneath my chair for the whole hour. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with Luna but we make progress slowly and I would love to share training tips I feel have helped Luna’s behaviour and lots of photos of her as she is simply gorgeous and her looks can definitely deceive you!

Beth x

Home, Horse & Hounds