Kitchen Inspo.

A revamp in the Kester Road kitchen is massively overdue. I am a self-confessed foodie and I have been confined in too small a kitchen for too long so I have made the executive decision that it’s time we invested in (what I see as) the pivotal room in the house. Que a new Pinterest board – ‘Kitchen Inspo’

Currently our kitchen and dining room is separated with a partition stud wall. The kitchen is very dark with one tiny window and a freezing cold floor and the dining room features a large window and a hidden fire place to the left of the door so I am led to believe.

The only way forward for the Kester Road kitchen to become fully functional is to take the stud wall down and create a lovely open space.

I have spent the dark winter evenings with a bottle of my favourite Rioja – I genuinely dread to think how many bottles I have polished off – and my iPad endlessly searching Pinterest and other blogs for inspiration for my new kitchen when I finally stumbled across this beauty:


My plan was to use a second hand kitchen we were given for free and upcycle it. I had already decided on the colour I was going to paint the cabinets – Little Greene’s Royal Navy Blue and my head was literally in the clouds dreaming of my new Navy Blue open plan kitchen/diner.

I knew that in order to fit the kitchen I would need a good joiner. My search for joiners began and I coincidentally stumbled across an old school friend who had a workshop in our village which I had never even noticed before.

I met the joiner to go through the renovation of Kester Road kitchen, he went away to think about how he could make the second hand kitchen fit and called me the next day with some bad news…. It wasn’t feasible to fit the second hand kitchen. It felt like my whole world fell apart – dramatic I know but I am a woman and that’s what happens when you absolutely have your heart set on something.

The next few days were a blur. My bottle of Rioja a night went up to two, and became paired with numerous large bags of Walkers Sweet Chilli Sensations and I sulked as much as it was possible. I decided I needed to pull myself together and finally plucked up the courage to ask the joiner what my other options were as our budget was a modest £5k and I was 100% certain it would be impossible to buy a kitchen and have it fitted within our budget. I was wrong and that doesn’t happen often.

Que more reclusive nights with Rioja and my iPad looking at different kitchen styles, I think I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Beth x

Kitchen Inspo.