5 Year Plan

My OH has always been a fan of having a 5 year plan, I on the other hand am very easy going and almost go with the flow of whichever way life wants to take me (within reason as I need a routine and think I also have mild OCD!)

After a slight blip in our relationship my OH decided we needed a 5 year plan for Kester Road in order for us to have focus, a tick-list almost of everything we want to achieve within 5 years. I was interested to know what his 5 year plan was as he is fairly reluctant with anything when it comes to the house or him forking out money.

I was pleasantly surprised when he came out with this:

Goal: To focus on one room/garden in Kester Road per year

Tick-list of sub goals to achieve within 5 years:

  • Log burning fire in the living room
  • New boiler and radiators throughout the house
  • Re-plaster and decorate the living room and landing
  • Re-plaster and decorate both spare bedrooms
  • Custom bath panel for our teeny Bath
  • Plant and re-turf the front and back gardens
  • Replace the decking in the back garden
  • Reclaim 2 metres of ‘no mans land’ at the end of our back garden.
  • Raised veg beds, patio area and Pergola for our third garden
  • Reflag the garden path with Indian Stone

Hopefully a few of these sub-goals we should be able to achieve this year especially in the garden, which I am hoping to focus on once the kitchen is complete.

Watch this space, it seems like there are exciting times ahead at Kester Road!

Beth x

p.s. don’t forget to follow my journey on Insta @4_kesterroad

5 Year Plan

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