Final decision – Kester Road Kitchen

After the traumatic news that I could no longer use my second hand kitchen, I finally pulled myself together and met the Joiner at Howdens to have a look at other ideas for the kitchen – none of which were Royal Navy Blue may I add.

I had already pinned a few more ideas onto my Pinterest board but after already having my dreams crushed I didn’t want to get my hopes up on another style of kitchen. I am aware I sound slightly pathetic but I am a very passionate foodie & feeder and I love nothing more than cooking dinner every night and holding dinner parties for friends whenever possible – this kitchen has to be perfect (no pressure Joe the Joiner) and I wont/cant settle for anything less, soz.

After my visit to Howdens I fell in love with two kitchens – both complete contrasts to each other, of course. The first was the traditional Burford Stone with an oak worktop, french/farmhouse style in a muted tone which fits in theme with the toned down, cool vibe I am trying to achieve within the house.


The second kitchen was the Clerkenwell Gloss Graphite with a white marble style worktop – super modern, minimalist and grey. Also fitting in with the theme of my house: minimal and grey.


I had plans drawn up and quotes done for both and was pleasantly surprised to find that both kitchens were were around £2k each excluding fitting. Bear in mind that I am in love with the idea of open shelving so I only need floor cupboards and worktops.

Whilst I was 100% in love with my idea of the Navy Blue kitchen there was one pin that had always been at the back of my mind throughout the whole kitchen inspo process…


This pin is actually a ‘laundry room’ but I just love everything about it from the the subway tiles to the Belfast sink.

I have always trusted my gut instinct and the decorating I have done at Kester Road so far has literally been based on how I felt when I got the paint aisle at B&Q. Therefore it only seemed right that I listen to my gut whilst making the life changing decision for the Kester Road Kitchen. Burford Stone it is.

Let the kitchen demolition begin.

(you will also be pleased to know the Rioja market revenue has since halved)

Beth x


Final decision – Kester Road Kitchen

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